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Accessible Venice

Before leaving

Before leaving, it is worth finding out about the events on offer in the city during the period you have chosen for your visit, the initiatives being promoted and the opportunities for visiting art venues.
Below is a selection of useful links you can consult for specific information on hotels and cultural events and to find out about any special prices available.

Venezia unica logo

Venezia unica

Venezia unica is the new City Pass of the City of Venice which you to access - with one simple card - public transport, cultural and tourism offers within the city, and many other useful services.

APT logo

Tourist Information Office (APT)

At the site of the Venice Tourist Information Office (Azienda di Promozione Turistica), you can find information on hotels, the most important cultural events and performances in the Venice area. There are also suggestions for a number of itineraries to discover Venice, from the historic city centre to the islands.

Venice City Museums logo

Venice City Museums

At the Venice City Museums site, you can find up-to-date information on exhibitions and museums, together with a brief description. You can also find the dates of temporary exhibitions and events in Venice.

Chorus logo

Chorus - Association of Churches in Venice

The Chorus (Association of Churches in Venice) site brings together 15 of Venice's most important monumental churches illustrated by extensive photographic material, including information on the restoration of paintings and frescoes.


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