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Accessible Venice

Photo of the barrier free itineraries

Barrier free itineraries

Despite the fact that the city centre of Venice may seem one of the least accessible places in the world due to its particular morphology and the presence of more than 400 bridges linking some hundred or so islands, we are convinced that there are numerous opportunities for people with physical or sensory disabilities to enjoy this marvellous city and its unquestionable magic.

So here are some suggestions for visiting the city. These itineraries do not presume to cover all the possible routes or to completely satisfy the cultural interests of all visitors, but we aim to add to them and keep them as up-to-date as possible, partly on the basis of feedback from each one of you.

A number of these itineraries have been indicated by disabled people living in the city or their families, who were enthusiastic at this possibility of making their everyday experiences available to everyone.

Itineraries for wheelchair-bound visitors:

1. Marciana area
2. Rialto
Santa Margherita
4. Frari
S. Stefano
6.Santi Giovanni e Paolo
8.Burano - Torcello
9.Eastern Castello
10.Ca' d'Oro
11. Santa Marta
12.Rialto Mercato
13. Cannaregio West

The Comune of Venice decided to remove the stairs lifts placed on the bridges as they cannot grant the service which they were aimed at. Waiting for different solutions to restore the accessibility to the islands, we invite you, where it is possible, to use the public transports on water "Actv".

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