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Exceptional high water cases

In this section we analyze the events that, while not having reached tha drama of high water of 1966, are still relevant to have recched or passed the level of +140 cm above mean sea level,flooding so much of the Venetian historical center. 
For each case of the following list is published the graph of the observed level, of the astronomical tide and of the weather contribution, in addition to changes in atmospheric pressure in Venice and in other places.
For almost all events there are also some downloadable pages from the publication "Venti, depressions e sesse: perturbazioni delle maree in Venice (1951-2000)  published by the Institution CPSM in 2001. (read and download the complete reportin pdf format 14Mb)
These documents contain a detailed description of the phenomenon and of the ongoing atmospheric situation during the days of each event, the original meteorological maps, pressure and wind mgraphs.
It should be remembered that the history of high water cases is the result of only a few decades of scientific observations.
The material provided here is for this deficient in the high water of 1936, but becomes richer and more interesting for the most recent high tides due to technological developments of instruments for observation of meteorological phenomena.
For the construction of graphs were used archives of different sources specified, from time to time, in the captions of the pictures of the events.

Reached Level (cm)
+ 147
+ 151
+ 145
+ 194
+ 144
+ 140
+ 166
+ 158
+ 142
+ 144
+ 147
+ 156
+ 144
+ 145
+ 144
 + 143
+ 149
+ 143
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