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Ca' Pesaro Library

The library collection at Cà Pesaro has built up in an ad hoc fashion over the course of the last 50 years. Almost all the volumes housed at the Cà Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art are, in fact, gifts from various national and foreign institutions and mainly support the specialist collections in the Gallery. In 2001 work began on producing an SBN catalogue of all the material in the Library (over 11,000 volumes) and items were purchased or obtained from other libraries to fill the gaps.
When Cà Pesaro was reopened to the public in 2002, following restoration, the Library also opened on the mezzanine floor.
The richness of the Library's collections, aimed at furthering an appreciation of nineteenth and twentieth century art (with particular regard to exhibitions mounted in Venice), makes it an important reference centre for all scholars of contemporary and modern art, both Italian and international.

Ca' Pesaro Library

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