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Registry office wedding in Venice city centre

Panorama da favola

The historical Palazzo Cavalli stands in one of the most picturesque areas of Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal close to the Rialto Bridge. It is a three-floor, XVI century Renaissance building whose façade is characterised by a sequence of stone corbels above the base, which support the two main floors with their four- and one-mullioned windows. A visit here means discovering a wonderful room with XVIII century stuccoes.
The building takes its name from the Cavalli family who lived there; it was also the residence of the American novelist James Fenimore Cooper and of the art scholar Aldo Ravà who furnished the Palazzo in the typical, XVIII century Venetian style, with original paintings, furniture and ceramics.

Inside, a series of elegantly furnished rooms on the piano nobile are devoted to the bride and groom. The largest is full of light, with large windows overlooking the Grand Canal taking up one whole wall and providing a definitely privileged panorama. In it you can also admire an impressive painting entitled "The Golden Wedding" dating from 1909. The painting, an oil on canvas measuring 120 cm. by 207 cm., is a work by the famous Venetian artist Luigi Nono (1850-1918).
A delightful adjoining smaller room, finely decorated and enriched with period furniture, welcomes the bride and groom by providing a view of the unique and extraordinary Rialto Bridge.

sala deliziosa

The beauty and charm of the setting are further enhanced by the welcome and tact reserved for those couples who choose to celebrate their marriage in Venice.
In Palazzo Cavalli the bride and groom will have a group of expert people at their disposal, ready to create a magic and solemn atmosphere for their most romantic of days.

Be part of a fairy-tale, by choosing any day of the week at your favourite time of year.
To book, just contact the Municipality offices.


Foto di Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli
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