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Città di Venezia
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Public Relations Office (URP)


What does the URP do?

  • Provides information about the activities, opening times, location, responsibilities of the local council and main Local Bodies offices and services.
  • Provides information about local government regulations and the city's social, economic and cultural life.
  • Provides application forms for access to council services, submission of tax statements and ICI (council tax), for benefit requests and for participation in tenders and competitions.
  • Allows citizens to exercise their right to access council records by letting them consult and receive copies of documents.
  • Manages requests for information, complaints about poor service and suggestions.
  • Hosts dedicated desks providing useful information: Europe Direct and Eurodesk
  • Belongs to the network contributing information to the Veneto Region's "Rete degli URP" (URP network).
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