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Luigi Brugnaro

Luigi Brugnaro

Born in Mirano (Metropolitan City of Venice) in 1961, graduated in architecture at Venice IUAV. He has five children.

President of Umana, a holding company operating in services, manufacturing, construction, sports and agriculture. Umana is as well a Job Agency, founded in 1997, with 123 branches in Italy, 5 offices in Brazil, 700 professionals and 12.000 employed in the best Italian companies.

Since 2006 he is President of the Venice historical Basketball company, Reyer, founded in 1872.

From 2009 o 2013 he has been President of the Venice Association of Entrepreneurs. 

He has been President of Assolavoro, the National Association of Employment Agencies, Member of the National Association of Entrepreneurs, Veneto Region delegate for Expo 2015 and President of the Veneto Expo Committee. 

On June 14, 2015 he has been elected as Mayor of the City of Venice.


Email: sindaco@comune.venezia.it
Telephone: +39 041.2748280
Fax: +39 041.5200782

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